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Monday, September 6, 2010


“The Quest for the Next Ideal Communication Arts Personality, also known as Mr. and Ms. Communication Arts will indeed make an impact to the whole of Communication Arts Students’ Association, even to whole Faculty of Arts and Letters (Artlets) community,” said Rogelio Mariano Jr., Vice President Internal of CASA and the officer-in-charge of the upcoming MMCA in an ambush interview at the Artlets Student Council office while rushing with the (legal) papers of the said event.

In the past years, MMCA has always been a traditional pageant; a search conducted for the representatives of every section of the CA students to represent their major/society in the college’s/faculty’s pageant called the Mr. and Ms. Arts and Letters (MMAB). But the CASA executive board promised that this year’s MMCA will make a difference; a difference that will leave an unforgettable mark to the hearts and minds of every Artlets.

Breaking the tradition will be a hard task for them to perform. But how will they do it? First thing that they have done is to think of a concept that will help them attain their unique goal. All things should start with vision and purpose. They envisioned using the “pageant” to help their society bloom and make a boom.

This year’s MMCA is entitled, “TYPECAST”, a production term which means a person who always portray a certain characteristic of a character in plays/productions and cannot portray other roles. This title is an irony of their concept/theme which is “breaking stereotypes”.

“The society has a way of limiting us,” said Mariano.

That is why Typecast will repackage the students; it will be a campaign of real beauty of the CASANS, beauty that is not just based on face value, but that with essence and substance; beauty that is found in the inside and outside of an individual. This “pageant” will let the people see that CASANS are not only good singers, dancers, and beauty queens, but they are the people with so much substance, talents, skills, and confidence.

Typecast also aims to give a social awareness that people should not be bound by stereotypes and should not do stereotyping as well. There are more to it than what the eyes can see and minds can perceive.

It also goes beyond the traditional type of choosing representatives—voting—that is based on face value, popularity, and lots of friends. The “pageant” will present a complete package of the contestants. They will undergo series of trainings like, writing and acting trainings, personality development and so much more.

Typecast will also give opportunities to all its guilds to function. The guilds are Chronicle, Retorika, CASA Cast, and others. The Chronicle’s task is to conduct the writing trainings for the contestants, Retorika will hold the public-speaking trainings, and through the community development that is spearheaded by the CASA Cast, the contestant will hold an acting workshop to the children who have a passion on acting but cannot afford to attend workshops.

The screening for MMCA just happened last month at St. Raymund’s Building, room 106. The judges for the screening are last years’ AB’s representatives to “The Search for the Ideal Thomasian Personality”, Cristina Cipriano and Alex Aroa, department adviser, Mr. Nicky Salandanan, CASA guild heads, and CASA executive boards. Out of 20 pairs, 9 pairs have just been chosen to get to the MMCA: Typecast.

The pageant will be held on the 17th Day of September at the Albertus Magnus Auditorium, also known as the Education Auditorium.

As parting words, Mr. Mariano said that, “We hope that we could use this interview as an opportunity to extend ourselves to those who would be sponsors and co-presentors. Thank you.”

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