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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thank you for the surprise greetings and gifts.

Too bad I have a family dinner right after class (I have to leave by 5:30 to avoid the road bedlam) and I have to go home right away. But here's the deal:

By 5:30, the whole class should go right away--as one big group, and it's MANDATORY--to Sicilian (in Dapitan Street) as my expression of gratitude (though without the drinks, hehe) has been served already.

I hope that moment, even though without me, is my humble contribution to the fostering of togetherness among the members of the class.

Again, thank you. I am humbled by your expression of generosity.


Hmmm... Message ni Sir Jere after ng surprise ng class namin sa kanya. Sabi niya aalis na siya, well, umalis ngasiya, at inabutan namin siya sa Sicilian. Haha. Kami naman angsinurprise niya :))

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