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Sunday, August 29, 2010


Bigla ko lang siyang nakita kaya niReblog ko :))

I saw you for the first time
It came simply natural
Nothing special came to my feeling
You will be just an acquaintance,
A friend just like your colleagues will be.

After that first time,
We came across that busy, yet mysterious corridor
You offered me your smile, your kindness
Then there's a sudden shine on your face
I can see the light and the spark
You gave me a glow on that dull day.

At another encounter,
You talked to me,
Shared the anxiety that you feel
I'm impressed for the courage that you show
You didn't even know my name
But you didn't show any hesitation when you came to me,
And sit beside me.
Your shame and anxiety made you more attractive.

Oh, how I long to see you everyday.
On normal time, I wish a glimpse of you
On work, I'm high with your presence
I enjoy small glimpses from you,
Though it is nothing for you.

Your simple actions, our small talks
They are everything to me.
Every moment are memories.
How I wish you would love me,
And I'll love you in return.

--Ayedah Mangotara

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