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Monday, August 2, 2010


Sa mga oras na feeling ko nanghihina na ko ng bonggang-bongga dahil sa fever at pagkatapos pa ng 30 minute press conference with Dr. Alvin Ang, Director ng Research Cluster on Culture Education and Social Issues and Board Member of the Philippine Economic Society, kailangan na naming tapusin ang 12-paragraph news article namin bout that press con and deadline is 9pm sharp at that same day. Geeesh.. :l

----sa mga oras na yan, isang mas busyng tao at mas "maysakit" na tao ang nagsabi sakin na:


Kaya hayun, nahiya naman ako sa sarili ko kaya sa abot ng makakaya ko ay tinapos ko ang news article ko, na di ko alam kung saan nanggaling. HAHAHAHA.

Di ko alam kung matutuwa ako o maiinis ako sa gawa ko, haha. Eto na yung article oh:

President Noynoy Aquino’s first State of the Nation Address focuses on criticisms about the past administration.

PNOY presented explosions about the past administration that he has preceded, but did not presented clear actions on how he can make the nation prosper.

He just criticized the Calamity Fund in Pampanga, the MWSS system, and the MRT issues.

There were no specific recommendations on the issues he released.

Noynoy Aquino’s way of delivering his speech on SONA is of so much difference on how CGMA delivered it.

There was no clear vision presented on his speech.

“Noynoy has no vision for the Philippines (in pertains to SONA),” said Dr. Alvin Ang, Director of the Research Cluster on Culture Education and Social Issues and Board Member of the Philippine Economic Society on a press conference done at room 208 of the St. Raymund’s Building.

Dr. Ang told the class that there is nothing new on the things that PNOY told the public during his SONA.

He explained that MRT has long have been a problem but no one is discussing it.
He has also told the people that the real issue behind the excess rice of the NFA is they got panicked during the year 2007, and stocked rice.

Albay Representative Atty. Lagman said that PNOY has presented wrong figures.

But Dr. Ang answered that the speech is not a matter of wrong figures, but a vague vision on the Republic of the Philippines.

-Ayedah Mangotara


  1. so kailangang lagyan ng pm niyo ni josemargo? hahaha

  2. Tsk. Yan kasi yung essence niyang blog. HAHAHAHA